Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Green Curry Adventure

I have been thoroughly enjoying myself in my kitchen and my newest goal Thai Green Curry Chicken!.

I sliced up the chicken and steeped it in lime and salt; meanwhile I chopped up some onion and garlic and set   some rice to cook in some vegetable/chicken stock I had made previously and stored in the fridge.

When I opened the can of the green chili paste the aroma knocked my nose for six and I knew it was going to be good. The coconut milk had a subtle sweet flavor and I was excited to get everything together.

The steps were not unlike stir-fry and so I was confident, facing down little set backs with aplomb and good spirits. Soon the curry was simmering away while I did some veggies to go on the side.

Putting the dish together for plating was fun. I shaped the rice in a bowl and carefully turned it over on the plate. Then arranged the vegetables around this mound neatly. The chicken pieces were also nicely arranged and then I smeared the (surprisingly HOT but extremely tasty) curry on the side and topped it with green onion.

Green Curry Chicken, Rice and Stir-fried Vegetables

I really enjoyed my meal, however I did not enjoy the washing the dishes!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bread and Blessings

There is nothing dearer to me than my friends. They have taken my life from the shadows and revealed to me the goodness, love and happiness that is out there.

I consider myself more than a little lucky to have Liz (aka Boud) as one of these cherished friends. We have never 'met'; though a meeting of minds and a sharing of thoughts is just as powerful as a conversation over a cup of tea; she has encouraged me and by merely existing and dare I say flourishing in her corner of the bog space she has filled me with courage.

Just today I got a token of gratitude, though to me it is more than that. It means a lot to me because it was crafted by her hands with me in mind and there is nothing more precious than a hand-made gift. I love journals, indeed I have an obsession with paper and so this present which arrived her very fast if I do say so myself, in a very unassuming and familiar envelope, left me full inside, happy and warm.

The front of my Spirit Journal (I called it that because it touched me deeply).

The back, I love the feeling of watery movement and emotion!
The pink ribbon is lovely and one of my favorite colors.
The card. I love it because it is a wonderful contrast to my journal;
It is special because I have my friend's handwriting!
Something utterly unique that will always bring her to my mind.
And now onto the bread. I have stuck to my vow to cook regularly and it is making me happier and more upbeat! It isn't always easy and it can be quite tiring ( like me beating egg yolks to make a sponge cake!) but the rewards are more than worthy of my effort.

I took it in my head to make a set of baguettes because it is my favorite bread. The mixing went well enough, though there was the mishap with the yeast. In the end the dough was stickier than I think it should have been but I went with it.

The rolling hit a hitch when I could not find the rolling pin so I grabbed a water bottle and went with that! Instead of two loaves I endeavored for four mini loaves; I rolled it as bestI could and into the oven it went. Then I realized I forgot the egg wash and to cut the slits on top so back out it came and disaster was diverted, just!

Here is evidence of the result, all has been consumed so I am encouraged to try again! I will keep you posted.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Veggie Goodness!

Since I have vowed to cook for myself as often as I can manage, if not everyday I have thrown myself in to organizing my menu plans and my shopping list accordingly. has been priceless in terms of quality recipes and tools to help my mind focus!

Food is nothing without fresh vegetables! I love my veggies so much I almost stop eating meat and not miss it. Just almost though because I really love hamburgers.

Here is one of my recent kitchen forays that I enjoyed thoroughly, due in part to how hungry I was at the time. Either way it got a good review from my dinner guest!

Stir-fried Rice and Buttered Vegetables

Friday, June 15, 2012

End of the Week Mojo!

Lately I have been organizing everything and it has made me feel great. The fridge, pantry, yarn stash, financials  and plans have all been met with my drive to clear out the clutter and get a feel for where I stand and a vibe for where I want to go.

I have been wanting to make some upper-body garments for few months now and convinced myself that I needed to by yarn. However, thanks to a stash reshuffle I have isolated 4 sets of yarn for 4 wonderful projects which will be revealed over time.

I have also decided to embrace a 'green' mentality. My aim is to use what I have in as many ways as possible in the kitchen and in my crafting. I have a lot of stuff and there is a lot I still have to experiment with. I am happy to be in a good place.

Today I made some Peppermint Ice-Tea. It is a product of the positive approaches I have taken this week. I found two boxes of peppermint tea and some honey as I reorganized my pantry. I also came across an expired tub of ice tea mix.

It didn't happen all at once but eventually my mind's process lead me to making up some Iced-Tea with some fresh limes my Step-Mom brought home. The result is a delightfully fresh and palette cleansing drink; perfect for summer.

Further I used some tomato sauce and canned mushrooms I have had in my cupboard for months in tandem with fresh tomatoes, carrots, onions and garlic to slow cook a sauce to serve with some linguine. It was tasty but not all I hoped for, next time I'll add in more seasoning and less water.

Linguine and Mushroom Sauce w/ Peppermint Iced Tea

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update Time!

Have I been busy? You bet your tail-feathers I have been!

Weaving is a dream for me; I get to play with color and designs to my hearts content and express myself in as many ways as I can imagine. I got my loom upgraded (pictures soon), but still need to hit the hardware store for the final upgrades.

I also purchased some weaving tools from a great artist from Planengrain! Paul is a life saver, I sent him my requirements and he had it all for me in less than a day! He's a gem! He even included a present! It took a bit to get here from England, but it was worth the wait!!

Here are the weaving projects I have worked on recently! I can show them now because the secret is out!

This was a sample.
Aptly named Indian Heat.
I used tea-dyed yarn in homage to a special friend of mine!
Called Candy cane Scarf for obvious reasons!
I love this and I hope the birthday girl enjoys it as well!

This is not all that I have been up to! I have also searched the net high and low to track down a good organic warp yarn for my endeavors. I decided to invest in my future so I went all in! Here is what is winging its way from Lithuania to Barbados! With these colors, the sky is the limit!

100% Laceweight Linen!

Also I decided it was time to get off the lazy train and cook for myself more. Here are the last two meals I whipped up at Chez Asha!

Grilled Beef Gyros
Stir-Fry Chowmein w/ Chicken and veggies topped with egg
Also! I have been dyeing again and having a blast. This is some yarn I got a while ago: a very rustic wool from Estonia which was a very unflattering gray. Not anymore!!! I have even more of it to dye and I plan to make some stripe socks and scarfs or who knows! I am open to being spontaneous!

I used Kool-Aid for this!
And finally some news! In between all of this I have been offered by a good friend of mine some stall space at an upcoming locale festival; so I'm going into business! I'm making a series of simple crochet hats as my base item and working on a lot of other ideas. Here is a sample!

There is a lot to do, but I have friends behind me. If you all can think of any advice or wisdom or just anything at all, feel free to shoot it my way. I have until July 25th to get my act in order!

That's it for now! See you all next time!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I ain got de strength

There is a saying here in Barbados, "Hard ears yuh don hear, Own way you will feel,".

It means that if you don't listen and do what you want, eventually it will catch up to you and you will experience discomfort. For me, the person I most didn't listen to is myself and secondarily voices of my friends.

I don't mentally have the strength to continue on the way I am going. I love crafting and I want to do it more. I want to pull it from the distant corners of my mind and spend my time thinking of ways to use the materials and tools I have on hand to make myself happy.

I want to make things that I am proud of, and most of all feel the freedom that creation can bring!

To build a fortress around myself would only stunt my own growth, so instead, I want to move into a castle of dreams.