Veggie Goodness!

Since I have vowed to cook for myself as often as I can manage, if not everyday I have thrown myself in to organizing my menu plans and my shopping list accordingly. has been priceless in terms of quality recipes and tools to help my mind focus!

Food is nothing without fresh vegetables! I love my veggies so much I almost stop eating meat and not miss it. Just almost though because I really love hamburgers.

Here is one of my recent kitchen forays that I enjoyed thoroughly, due in part to how hungry I was at the time. Either way it got a good review from my dinner guest!

Stir-fried Rice and Buttered Vegetables


  1. It looks excellent. What were the vegetables? I agree with you on meat. Haven't eaten red meat for decades, but I do eat chicken. And then the chicken is really only the condiment for the food, since the vegetables and other things take up more of the plate!

    1. Mushrooms, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots and Onions were used that day! Nothing like a meal lots vegetables! So tasty!


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