Thursday, March 29, 2012

Potential and Patience?

The poncho is daunting me even as it sits primly in my yarn bowl just four inches from my netbook. Perhaps it was prematurely optimistic to try to construct it single strand and as my inaugural lace project to try to design my own pattern.

Am I honest enough to back down from the challenge, and try a different tack? Or perhaps in contrast should I slog on, to what ever bitter end lies awaiting? I don't know yet.

I cast-on for a cardigan in finger weight 'Kanui' wool. This the pattern: Tailored Cardi. Doesn't Drops just write the most delectable patterns ever? Always a stellar resource.

Here to the right is the tower of yarn that is to become my snuggle-shift. It ranges from Purple, Rose, Light Pink to Beige and Cream.

And below is what I have done so far, Just about 4 1/2 inches. It is curling of course because it is stockinette stitch with a very slim garter stitch border.

Also it is very 'low grade' wool so it is fuzzy and shaggy with many different un-dyed strands of black and white. I still find it to be quite soft and it has a rustic look that I am very slowly falling in love with.

I didn't swatch it. I know, I'll probably regret it but I thinking that if it is a little big that will be fine... I hope I'm right.

In other news I am to make a tam for one of my colleagues. She said she wanted it to be light colored. Originally I was to use a Merino/silk Blend hand-paint. But it was driving me mad because it simply wouldn't behave on the winder so I am looking for alternatives.

I plan to knit this combo in stripes. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Summer Flings are done.

And finally, the end is upon me and I can proudly display - the socken!

I added a couple of rows to the poncho - to - be. I'll be working on it and hopefully have some ideas as to how to continue.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Almost April

Today I am going to finish my spring fling socks and that is an order! Though if not by today, they must be done by April 1st as I have a KAL to cast on for.

The socks themselves have not been a challenge but doing them two at a time, even one at a time is fiercely distracting! I don't ever get second sock syndrome and I am getting better at keeping track of rows with my row counter or just a piece of paper. So I think I will stick to my old method.

I finally got a glass jar for my minis and I love it:

I also bought a phone and got a pair of ear phones. This excites me for two reasons, with the application on the phone such as Memo, Task and Calender I am organizing my time. With the earphones I can finally zone out while listening to my music even when my step-mother is watching her annoying Soap-operas.

In general I have been getting very organized! I have updated my Stash on Ravelry and my Queue and I feel so... good inside about it. There is much to be said about putting things in order.

In other news found some stains on on of my cotton yarns and so I decided to try to bleach it out:

 It wasn't very successful but it was an experience to learn from. Now I need to find something functional to make from it and would welcome any suggestions!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeling Muse-sical

My two at a time socks are now one at a time.

The heel proved to be my undoing - plus I tried to switch needles mid-project and got perfectly lost. Thankfully, although they are progressing slowly, I anticipate that I will triumph at the end. I am happy with how they look and feel pleased with my first cable project.

I have a little boo boo on my yarn throwing hand so I switched to crochet for a while. I started a stole, but downsized it to what will be an extra wide lace scarf.

I also wound my first skein of lace yarn and cast on for my inaugural lace project. It is to be a poncho.

I don't exactly have a pattern, the one I had in mind turned out to be for fingering weight and I didn't want to double the yarn.

I'll be making it up as I go along and I'll share my progress with you.

I will dive into my stitch libraries and see what I find to put together.

I have revisited my queue and my plans and decided to once again defer from buying yarn which leads to my delaying my plans to knit up the cardigans.

Instead I will do up some more accessories: On the list are two pairs of socks, a couple hats and hopefully some neck-ware.

Here is a sample of the colors I will be working with:

I am finding that I enjoy crocheting in between my knitting, so I expect to have a project on hook and one needle at the same time from now on. Looking forward to completing my current projects and tacking new challenges!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bumble Berry Patch - Shawlette

The shawl is done and I absolutely love it. It is so soft and cozy. It was a quick, fun and easy crochet project that I would glad repeat!

Grinning with happiness!

In other news my two at a time socks are coming along, not sure how I will get the heel done up but I am trying to remain positive.

Here's a picture of my progress:

Looking forward to making my first yarn purchase in almost four months soon so that I can make a couple of cardigans. I'm almost shaking with the anticipation!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Two at a time and Picking back up the Hook

 These are the start of my socks with contrasting heels, toes and cuffs.

 The left and right will have different colors for the contrast.

I am very much looking forward to mastering the two at a time technique.

To the right is a close-up of the first crochet project  I have started in a while.

It is a South-Bay Shawlette done up in Mary Maxim Aloe Sock Yarn, Sahara.

Does it look familiar Nicky? ;)

I am completely in love with how it is looking do far and I am really enjoying hooking again. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Open Your Heart

Life is teeming with experiences and joys but it is easy to simply shut yourself into a box and live comfortably in the dark. Jealousy and envy hang like thick slime; I will clear it away bit by bit and be in awe of others and wish for more for myself.

Opening your heart to what may come is risky because much bad may come disguised as good. It is worse though to miss out on the pretty and the moving that lurk in the midst of the rabble. 

These simple socks are knit from Grant Creek - Leaves and where annoyingly hard to photograph. I'm pleased with the result and I hope that they fit.

I would like to knit a kimono style sweater/cardigan, a lace bolero/shawl, three more pairs of socks and a blanket. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

le Socken

It is sobering and simultaneously tiresome to try to craft something new. It can be ever the more draining if you have given yourself the added pressure of a deadline and a recipient who is forewarned and thus expectant.

I do these things to myself all of the time, bring what should be a work of soul-joy down to the burden of churning out a work in the time that others expect. Even though my vision is often skewed and over-zealous, I carry one to the bitter end. I am not always victorious but when I am it is an empty, fleeting joy.

Skulking from one project to the next while hoping that the gift was well-loved and received with an apprehension akin to awaiting an exam result, doesn't leave me with an positive benefits. Indeed all  I see is the next project again looming over my head.

To speak of these things without moving to change them is whining and I know it. However, just for a now, I'll  live and let live; even if it means embracing my lack of confidence more as par for the course, than as the next thing I need to change.

I'm darkly inspired tonight and not for the first time this year I weigh my words carefully and try to speak as honestly as I can. Technology has become a bane to the art of word-smithing and I now put more thought behind what I type-speak.

"Goodnight world." she whispered from a corner of the Caribbean, oddly confident that though few would listen, billions could hear.