Potential and Patience?

The poncho is daunting me even as it sits primly in my yarn bowl just four inches from my netbook. Perhaps it was prematurely optimistic to try to construct it single strand and as my inaugural lace project to try to design my own pattern.

Am I honest enough to back down from the challenge, and try a different tack? Or perhaps in contrast should I slog on, to what ever bitter end lies awaiting? I don't know yet.

I cast-on for a cardigan in finger weight 'Kanui' wool. This the pattern: Tailored Cardi. Doesn't Drops just write the most delectable patterns ever? Always a stellar resource.

Here to the right is the tower of yarn that is to become my snuggle-shift. It ranges from Purple, Rose, Light Pink to Beige and Cream.

And below is what I have done so far, Just about 4 1/2 inches. It is curling of course because it is stockinette stitch with a very slim garter stitch border.

Also it is very 'low grade' wool so it is fuzzy and shaggy with many different un-dyed strands of black and white. I still find it to be quite soft and it has a rustic look that I am very slowly falling in love with.

I didn't swatch it. I know, I'll probably regret it but I thinking that if it is a little big that will be fine... I hope I'm right.

In other news I am to make a tam for one of my colleagues. She said she wanted it to be light colored. Originally I was to use a Merino/silk Blend hand-paint. But it was driving me mad because it simply wouldn't behave on the winder so I am looking for alternatives.

I plan to knit this combo in stripes. What do you think?


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