Monday, October 24, 2011

A Touch of Color: Janine's Cowl

J's cowl is complete and it is the inspiration for my Knit-Wear store design model. I love cowls and enjoyed making gloves, so my idea is to make those using my two obsessions in yarn - variegated and mono-tones(ecru, doe, grays etc).

Using primarily the ecru tea-dyed alpaca blend and adding a touch of the colors of the Grant Creek colorway, resulted in a cowl that I love to bits. It brought my worlds together, a moment of clarity.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've been doing a lot of thinking the last few weeks and I'm still not entirely sure where that leaves me.
I dyed some yarn last night and that made me happy - so did making lists of what I plan to buy with my 'Craft and Financial Health' loan.

I've been considering buying a loom but I am of two minds.  I love knitting and I think the money could be better spent on yarn and equipment but undoubtedly, restricting creativity is generally a bad premise.

Clarity is difficult but I have come up with a design plan for my future (maybe, hopefully) KnitWear business. It brings me joy to think about.

I'm looking forward to my vacation now even as I am very uncertain. I have vowed however to take lots and lots of pictures and share my experiences with you.

I still feel like I am reaching for a sense of spiritual fulfillment and personal contentment but moments of whimsy light up my self-inflicted doldrums. Hopefully I find what I am reach for.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mellow River Tea Party Gloves

I've finished my first pair of fingerless gloves and though I had some trouble, I love them. The next thing is to use the left over yarn and some of the alpaca blend that I hand-dyed to make a cowl to match the set.

I'm having lots of fun!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Socks it to the Socks!

Janine's socks are officially done. Next, I'll try to see if I have enough left over for a pair of fingerless gloves.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Head in the Clouds IV

Planning a trip can bring as much stress as it promises relaxation. Money and vacation time as well as your expectations have to be reigned in to fit with what you can realistically achieve. I didn't have a lot of wishes for my vacation, but that is slowly changing.

I am worrying, upset and trying to find a way to narrow everything in my mind down to a few parameters that I can easily handle. Hopefully the skies at work today are beautiful and calming like these:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a mistake, an oopsie take; Outdoors VII, HITC III

I messed up my second sock..But I won't tell you how. Look below ...can you see it?

Now here's the question: Will I fix it? 
Answer at length: No Way. Not a Chance. Uh-uh. Nope. Sorry!
Answer in short: Heck No!

Another question: Why won't I fix it? 
Answer at length: I'm very lazy and frogging has no allure. 
Answer in short: See above.

Next query: But isn't perfection the point of knitting? Getting it right and feeling accomplished?
Answer at length: Ahahahahahah. What you were serious? Oh...
Answer in short: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Further question: Won't the giftee notice and feel slighted by your lack of attention to detail?
Answer at length: Well if nature is in itself imperfect 99% of the time, and sheep only are interested in grass and the sky is a constantly changing canvas and symmetry is only beautiful in theory I would be justified  if she wants perfect to give her five dollars and directions of the sock aisle of Woolworth with my blessings(not all polite).
Answer in short:  Think of it this way, there is a distinctive right shoe and left shoe, why are socks different! Where is the justice!!!?!

In anycase here is some evidence to back up my case:

Now wasn't all of that perfectly imperfectly delectable? Have a good one.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yarn Swapping/Thinking in type

Let me begin by saying that I am not a social person but there is nothing I like more than gifting people things. Yarn swapping has started to become a part of my life that I hope will always be there. An excuse to be generous; a way to expand my knitting horizons, a place to meet new people and to refine my shopping prowess.

It isn't always easy to decide what to buy or how much. I inevitably go over the amount that was agreed upon and the more practical side of me constantly warns that it isn't such a smart idea. However, I do what I feel to do. I want my swap partner to feel good when they get packages from me.

But most importantly, I want them to feel respected. I can't send love for them in a package but I can send love for the craft in a package and hopefully pay such close attention to the little but crucial information that they provide about themselves that they feel cherished.

I have done two swaps for the last two months and the packages I have received in return are still at my mail handlers. Life is stopping me from going to get them but hopefully that all changes soon. I can see that it won't always be respect or love that comes back because the world isn't like that. But if I do get that, then I'll feel even more buoyed and invigorated for the next round.

Another thing I have been thinking of is Christmas gifts; an excuse to give my blog-mates gifts without seeming forward! I'll send out some feelers and see what response I get but I am hopeful that they don't mind. You can't keep coming to my blog without me eventually wanting to give you many things, so you have been duly warned.

As my vacation to America, which includes Miami, New York and Philadelphia draws ever nearer, I have tentatively started to put together list. I want to finish kitting myself out for knitting and get a good camera for cloud/landscape photography.

Of course I'll be buying clothing and packing a barrel full of food stuffs and gifts but that feels secondary to the other two. And it makes sense, I love to cook yes - but knitting and photography make me happy. And in life, I need to hold on to those things.

Writing, especially typing on Anne, is also very important to me and so I hope to buy a lot more typewriter paper and cartridges in the near future and complete my touch typing self-course. I want to put my thoughts out on paper, even if I don't share them with the world.

Somewhere in the distance, in the vague unknown - off in the fog where the mountains reach high and the trees are older than time; a pipe dream, a wish to make a living from that which makes me happy, winds it way around a stray thought like a vine on a stake. But I don't nurture it, less it grows thorns and pricks my balloon and pops it. I'll let it grow slowly on its own, maybe it will flower or it won't but in the mean time... I'll be wrestling with my budget and making sure than money isn't ever going to hold me back.

I'll take what I have and make it work. And what I don't have, I'll live without. And what I do get I'll be grateful, and what I wish I had, I'll keep safe in that corner of my mind with crisp breeze and wide fields and mountains scraping cloudy skies.

I feel sick today, disappointed and a little hurt. However, I met a neon-green and purple internet friend and I like her vibe. I hope we can connect and be friends. I read about fishing and cheered on a family competition, was glad that sisters spend time together through skype and organized my next set of swap gifts. A high five and a few sniffles... not bad, not bad at all.