It's a mistake, an oopsie take; Outdoors VII, HITC III

I messed up my second sock..But I won't tell you how. Look below ...can you see it?

Now here's the question: Will I fix it? 
Answer at length: No Way. Not a Chance. Uh-uh. Nope. Sorry!
Answer in short: Heck No!

Another question: Why won't I fix it? 
Answer at length: I'm very lazy and frogging has no allure. 
Answer in short: See above.

Next query: But isn't perfection the point of knitting? Getting it right and feeling accomplished?
Answer at length: Ahahahahahah. What you were serious? Oh...
Answer in short: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Further question: Won't the giftee notice and feel slighted by your lack of attention to detail?
Answer at length: Well if nature is in itself imperfect 99% of the time, and sheep only are interested in grass and the sky is a constantly changing canvas and symmetry is only beautiful in theory I would be justified  if she wants perfect to give her five dollars and directions of the sock aisle of Woolworth with my blessings(not all polite).
Answer in short:  Think of it this way, there is a distinctive right shoe and left shoe, why are socks different! Where is the justice!!!?!

In anycase here is some evidence to back up my case:

Now wasn't all of that perfectly imperfectly delectable? Have a good one.


  1. I never sweat little errors, I just tell myself it adds character to the FO. They're lovely socks!

  2. Thanks Beth! Can't wait to have them finished up.


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