Friday, May 8, 2015

BBQ Chicken and Crayola

I did my chicken in the crock pot yesterday and after 4 hours on Low setting it turned out absolutely perfectly! I really do love to cook meat in my crockpot!

I did some work yesterday also in terms of cleaning up my Creation Station (my desk where I colour, knit, study and write) and in the process I found some Crayola pencil crayons which I happily added to my steadily growing art stash.

I plan to buy a set on Monday as  reward for keeping up my habit of brushing my teeth every night. It may seem basic, but a lot of really simple habits eluded me for years. By starting small and being consistent I have engineered a more routine life and it is wonderful!

Now for some pictures of my colouring:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kitchen Adventures

Got up nice and early this morning and hit the kitchen. I made breakfast and then set out some stuff to make for lunches for the next few days, BBQ Chicken in the crock pot to be precise.

Here's some shots of what I got up to:

Here is some lemon grass that I picked from the garden this morning and boiled up into tea. Yummy!

These and maybe a few other things are destined for my crock pot


Me using my cast iron pan for the first time with some turkey bacon....Yum!