A Touch of Color: Janine's Cowl

J's cowl is complete and it is the inspiration for my Knit-Wear store design model. I love cowls and enjoyed making gloves, so my idea is to make those using my two obsessions in yarn - variegated and mono-tones(ecru, doe, grays etc).

Using primarily the ecru tea-dyed alpaca blend and adding a touch of the colors of the Grant Creek colorway, resulted in a cowl that I love to bits. It brought my worlds together, a moment of clarity.


  1. Gorgeous. Your plan worked out better than I could have imagined. Keep on keeping on hon :)

  2. I love this! and I love that you know how to appreciate your own work, too.

  3. Love it!!! You really did a great job with it!!!

  4. I love how the colors create a "texture" all its own as well as the different yarns! Well done!


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