I've been doing a lot of thinking the last few weeks and I'm still not entirely sure where that leaves me.
I dyed some yarn last night and that made me happy - so did making lists of what I plan to buy with my 'Craft and Financial Health' loan.

I've been considering buying a loom but I am of two minds.  I love knitting and I think the money could be better spent on yarn and equipment but undoubtedly, restricting creativity is generally a bad premise.

Clarity is difficult but I have come up with a design plan for my future (maybe, hopefully) KnitWear business. It brings me joy to think about.

I'm looking forward to my vacation now even as I am very uncertain. I have vowed however to take lots and lots of pictures and share my experiences with you.

I still feel like I am reaching for a sense of spiritual fulfillment and personal contentment but moments of whimsy light up my self-inflicted doldrums. Hopefully I find what I am reach for.


  1. As ever, starkly beautiful pictures. I know for me all things became clearer, brighter and more fullfilling when I began meditating. The meditation where you count your breathing in and breathing out is the easiest and I think the most relaxing to do. It wasn't easy - I have a very squirrelly brain, always, always thinking lol. Anyway, it worked for me!

  2. I'll give it a try I will, if I can plug out and shut up my worrying! I think our minds are very much alike!

  3. This is why I do walking meditation! I have to keep my body moving in order to quieten my mind.

    About the loom: have you explored alternatives, such as simple ones you can make? adapt? build? that can be great fun in deciding if a craft/art is right for you.

    And we need to hear more about this knitwear venture...

  4. I actually have a very basic loom, but the limitations drive me crazy! The only thing stopping me from buying the Ashford knitting loom is that I would use it to make scarves and my mind questions me as to why don't I just knit some and be done?

    I enjoy weaving. I do, and knitting a scarf isn't my cup of tea. Still the entire loom kit would be about 450US. Hefty. So I'm really of a millions minds!


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