Head in the Clouds IV

Planning a trip can bring as much stress as it promises relaxation. Money and vacation time as well as your expectations have to be reigned in to fit with what you can realistically achieve. I didn't have a lot of wishes for my vacation, but that is slowly changing.

I am worrying, upset and trying to find a way to narrow everything in my mind down to a few parameters that I can easily handle. Hopefully the skies at work today are beautiful and calming like these:


  1. Am speechless (well, almost lol) at the beauty of these formations. And never touched by man. Amazing!

    Am sending positive energy your way for a relaxing vacation and safe travel. Have fun. Release your expectations to see what the Universe offers. :)

  2. The skies are always a great solace for worry and anxiety on earth, and these are wonderful pictures. I hope your stress dissolves like clouds! and that you enjoy the proposed vacation.

  3. Amazing!!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing trip despite the angst of having to get everything done.


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