Open Your Heart

Life is teeming with experiences and joys but it is easy to simply shut yourself into a box and live comfortably in the dark. Jealousy and envy hang like thick slime; I will clear it away bit by bit and be in awe of others and wish for more for myself.

Opening your heart to what may come is risky because much bad may come disguised as good. It is worse though to miss out on the pretty and the moving that lurk in the midst of the rabble. 

These simple socks are knit from Grant Creek - Leaves and where annoyingly hard to photograph. I'm pleased with the result and I hope that they fit.

I would like to knit a kimono style sweater/cardigan, a lace bolero/shawl, three more pairs of socks and a blanket. 


  1. Pretty socks :-) Why do you want to knit that list ?

  2. Beautiful socks!!!

  3. Beautiful socks! I have that color way and was wondering how it looks knit up. Now I'm excited to get knitting again!


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