Feeling Muse-sical

My two at a time socks are now one at a time.

The heel proved to be my undoing - plus I tried to switch needles mid-project and got perfectly lost. Thankfully, although they are progressing slowly, I anticipate that I will triumph at the end. I am happy with how they look and feel pleased with my first cable project.

I have a little boo boo on my yarn throwing hand so I switched to crochet for a while. I started a stole, but downsized it to what will be an extra wide lace scarf.

I also wound my first skein of lace yarn and cast on for my inaugural lace project. It is to be a poncho.

I don't exactly have a pattern, the one I had in mind turned out to be for fingering weight and I didn't want to double the yarn.

I'll be making it up as I go along and I'll share my progress with you.

I will dive into my stitch libraries and see what I find to put together.

I have revisited my queue and my plans and decided to once again defer from buying yarn which leads to my delaying my plans to knit up the cardigans.

Instead I will do up some more accessories: On the list are two pairs of socks, a couple hats and hopefully some neck-ware.

Here is a sample of the colors I will be working with:

I am finding that I enjoy crocheting in between my knitting, so I expect to have a project on hook and one needle at the same time from now on. Looking forward to completing my current projects and tacking new challenges!


  1. I like your choice of colours. The socks are really coming along - gonna be so pretty. Waiting to patiently to see how they turn out. :)

    Sorry about that boo boo T_T

  2. I find I've been wanting to do the same ... have a crochet and a knitting project going simultaneously. Crochet is proving to be slow going for me ... I have to practice more.

    I know your socks will turn out just fine. Sometimes just stepping back then tackling projects again is all we need to get past the hump.

    And that yarn ... divine ... especially the purple one.

  3. I love your approach! undeterred no matter what and the results are lovely. I like your ability to switch back and forward between knitting and crochet, too, so flexible.


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