Almost April

Today I am going to finish my spring fling socks and that is an order! Though if not by today, they must be done by April 1st as I have a KAL to cast on for.

The socks themselves have not been a challenge but doing them two at a time, even one at a time is fiercely distracting! I don't ever get second sock syndrome and I am getting better at keeping track of rows with my row counter or just a piece of paper. So I think I will stick to my old method.

I finally got a glass jar for my minis and I love it:

I also bought a phone and got a pair of ear phones. This excites me for two reasons, with the application on the phone such as Memo, Task and Calender I am organizing my time. With the earphones I can finally zone out while listening to my music even when my step-mother is watching her annoying Soap-operas.

In general I have been getting very organized! I have updated my Stash on Ravelry and my Queue and I feel so... good inside about it. There is much to be said about putting things in order.

In other news found some stains on on of my cotton yarns and so I decided to try to bleach it out:

 It wasn't very successful but it was an experience to learn from. Now I need to find something functional to make from it and would welcome any suggestions!


  1. You said it. Getting organized makes life so much easier we take the advantages for granted. When we're not organized we sure do feel it. Off to go look at your Rav stash and queue. :P

    Love the minis and the display. Are they for hexipuffs?

    I would have over-dyed the bleached yarn. If that doesn't work then I would have made a mat or something of the sort with it as is.

    1. Hi Nicky! Not sure about hexi-puffs but I think it would be fun to make socks with funky contrasting heels and toes. Having them as decor though makes me very reluctant to use them. ~laughs

      I will try over-dying the yarn as you suggested and see how it goes!


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