End of the Week Mojo!

Lately I have been organizing everything and it has made me feel great. The fridge, pantry, yarn stash, financials  and plans have all been met with my drive to clear out the clutter and get a feel for where I stand and a vibe for where I want to go.

I have been wanting to make some upper-body garments for few months now and convinced myself that I needed to by yarn. However, thanks to a stash reshuffle I have isolated 4 sets of yarn for 4 wonderful projects which will be revealed over time.

I have also decided to embrace a 'green' mentality. My aim is to use what I have in as many ways as possible in the kitchen and in my crafting. I have a lot of stuff and there is a lot I still have to experiment with. I am happy to be in a good place.

Today I made some Peppermint Ice-Tea. It is a product of the positive approaches I have taken this week. I found two boxes of peppermint tea and some honey as I reorganized my pantry. I also came across an expired tub of ice tea mix.

It didn't happen all at once but eventually my mind's process lead me to making up some Iced-Tea with some fresh limes my Step-Mom brought home. The result is a delightfully fresh and palette cleansing drink; perfect for summer.

Further I used some tomato sauce and canned mushrooms I have had in my cupboard for months in tandem with fresh tomatoes, carrots, onions and garlic to slow cook a sauce to serve with some linguine. It was tasty but not all I hoped for, next time I'll add in more seasoning and less water.

Linguine and Mushroom Sauce w/ Peppermint Iced Tea


  1. I love cooking experiments! and using up what's already there is interesting. Sometimes it's a surprise to find what's been lurking on the shelf for a while.


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