The Green Curry Adventure

I have been thoroughly enjoying myself in my kitchen and my newest goal Thai Green Curry Chicken!.

I sliced up the chicken and steeped it in lime and salt; meanwhile I chopped up some onion and garlic and set   some rice to cook in some vegetable/chicken stock I had made previously and stored in the fridge.

When I opened the can of the green chili paste the aroma knocked my nose for six and I knew it was going to be good. The coconut milk had a subtle sweet flavor and I was excited to get everything together.

The steps were not unlike stir-fry and so I was confident, facing down little set backs with aplomb and good spirits. Soon the curry was simmering away while I did some veggies to go on the side.

Putting the dish together for plating was fun. I shaped the rice in a bowl and carefully turned it over on the plate. Then arranged the vegetables around this mound neatly. The chicken pieces were also nicely arranged and then I smeared the (surprisingly HOT but extremely tasty) curry on the side and topped it with green onion.

Green Curry Chicken, Rice and Stir-fried Vegetables

I really enjoyed my meal, however I did not enjoy the washing the dishes!


  1. Your squirrel always does your dishes happily. Love your cooking!

  2. This is fantastic!!!! You should try the red curry paste if you're not afraid of the heat. Very nice presentation!!!


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