Update Time!

Have I been busy? You bet your tail-feathers I have been!

Weaving is a dream for me; I get to play with color and designs to my hearts content and express myself in as many ways as I can imagine. I got my loom upgraded (pictures soon), but still need to hit the hardware store for the final upgrades.

I also purchased some weaving tools from a great artist from Planengrain! Paul is a life saver, I sent him my requirements and he had it all for me in less than a day! He's a gem! He even included a present! It took a bit to get here from England, but it was worth the wait!!

Here are the weaving projects I have worked on recently! I can show them now because the secret is out!

This was a sample.
Aptly named Indian Heat.
I used tea-dyed yarn in homage to a special friend of mine!
Called Candy cane Scarf for obvious reasons!
I love this and I hope the birthday girl enjoys it as well!

This is not all that I have been up to! I have also searched the net high and low to track down a good organic warp yarn for my endeavors. I decided to invest in my future so I went all in! Here is what is winging its way from Lithuania to Barbados! With these colors, the sky is the limit!

100% Laceweight Linen!

Also I decided it was time to get off the lazy train and cook for myself more. Here are the last two meals I whipped up at Chez Asha!

Grilled Beef Gyros
Stir-Fry Chowmein w/ Chicken and veggies topped with egg
Also! I have been dyeing again and having a blast. This is some yarn I got a while ago: a very rustic wool from Estonia which was a very unflattering gray. Not anymore!!! I have even more of it to dye and I plan to make some stripe socks and scarfs or who knows! I am open to being spontaneous!

I used Kool-Aid for this!
And finally some news! In between all of this I have been offered by a good friend of mine some stall space at an upcoming locale festival; so I'm going into business! I'm making a series of simple crochet hats as my base item and working on a lot of other ideas. Here is a sample!

There is a lot to do, but I have friends behind me. If you all can think of any advice or wisdom or just anything at all, feel free to shoot it my way. I have until July 25th to get my act in order!

That's it for now! See you all next time!


  1. Crisp pictures; a plethora of pretty yarn, present and food. What more could a blogger ask for right? :)

    'Gratz on the good work. I'll keep cheering ye on.

  2. What a great blogpost! I love my lovely scarf, and now I know her name! and you're another secret Kool Aid dyer! I dyed all my handspun yarns for my tapestries, whose pix you've seen, with Kool Aid. You got some wonderful colors in yours up there.

    I think all you need do is show up at the festival, with your crocheted, knitted and woven items and you'll do very well indeed. Be sure and provide yourself with shade and a chair. Outdoor festivals are hard work, though fun.


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