Bread and Blessings

There is nothing dearer to me than my friends. They have taken my life from the shadows and revealed to me the goodness, love and happiness that is out there.

I consider myself more than a little lucky to have Liz (aka Boud) as one of these cherished friends. We have never 'met'; though a meeting of minds and a sharing of thoughts is just as powerful as a conversation over a cup of tea; she has encouraged me and by merely existing and dare I say flourishing in her corner of the bog space she has filled me with courage.

Just today I got a token of gratitude, though to me it is more than that. It means a lot to me because it was crafted by her hands with me in mind and there is nothing more precious than a hand-made gift. I love journals, indeed I have an obsession with paper and so this present which arrived her very fast if I do say so myself, in a very unassuming and familiar envelope, left me full inside, happy and warm.

The front of my Spirit Journal (I called it that because it touched me deeply).

The back, I love the feeling of watery movement and emotion!
The pink ribbon is lovely and one of my favorite colors.
The card. I love it because it is a wonderful contrast to my journal;
It is special because I have my friend's handwriting!
Something utterly unique that will always bring her to my mind.
And now onto the bread. I have stuck to my vow to cook regularly and it is making me happier and more upbeat! It isn't always easy and it can be quite tiring ( like me beating egg yolks to make a sponge cake!) but the rewards are more than worthy of my effort.

I took it in my head to make a set of baguettes because it is my favorite bread. The mixing went well enough, though there was the mishap with the yeast. In the end the dough was stickier than I think it should have been but I went with it.

The rolling hit a hitch when I could not find the rolling pin so I grabbed a water bottle and went with that! Instead of two loaves I endeavored for four mini loaves; I rolled it as bestI could and into the oven it went. Then I realized I forgot the egg wash and to cut the slits on top so back out it came and disaster was diverted, just!

Here is evidence of the result, all has been consumed so I am encouraged to try again! I will keep you posted.


  1. I'm so glad it arrived safely! enjoy.

    And you're another Bread Adventurer, I see! those loaves look wonderful. You have exactly the right mindset for an adventurer: what doesn't work the first time will work fine with a bit of inventiveness. As you show us!


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