Simple Successes

I have been focusing on the home while on my sick leave, trying to make the place easier to clean and maintain. I also want to be as minimalist as possible as this allows me to be free of clutter on the outside and thus free from cutter on the inside as well.

I have under took a few simply DIY projects that left me feeling quite chuffed:

The first is a wire hanger re-purposed after a could 15 to 20 minutes of bending and shaping with a pliers into a brush stand for my boar-hair brush. I very recently, as in just last week started to use it to wet shave my legs in the iconic way that men shave their beards.

In my research I found that it is best for the brush to dry upside down. Stand cost anywhere from 15US to 100US and I am in no position at this time to buy anymore stuff. It isn't fancy, or pretty but it is functional.

I have been making lots of list to keep me on track in the big bedroom clean up and I found that I wanted a clip board. After searching and realizing that I simply again wasn't in a position to buy one I turned to Google and in no time realized that making one was super easy.

It didn't click at first but then I realized that I had all of the materials I needed already around me. In no time I had a clip board and was using it. I still haven't decided exactly how I will decorate it yet but I am just happy to have gotten around spending unnecessary money.

I have really made some good strides in my cleaning. I have my little pantry set up and the bookshelf area is starting to come together. It has been a real pleasure to see my spaces in a different light.

It continues to be a challenge to live with other people who view points don't entirely match up with my own in regards to my living space. I am learning to roll with it and not get too caught up in other people's ideas of  where things should be and how things should look.

As I continue to cull my things I hope to be left with a routine of cleaning that I can maintain and also that the management of my space spills over to the management of my time and I am able to do more of the things I love more often.

I find myself in a loop of internet vastness and then wonder where my day went. Slowly I want to move away from that and be able to account for most of my day. I am happy for now though at where I am going.

Peace and Blessings to all of you.


  1. Love the organisation updates and the DIYs! I hear you with the challenge of organisation with room-mates. As hard as that can be sometimes, all you need to focus on is your immediate space, that place where you retreat and just leave the rest, if they're not on board.

    Maybe you can cover the clip-board with some woven or crocheted (with thread) fabric. That way you'll still be using resources you have already.

    1. Great idea for the clip-board, I never though of covering it with something thread made. Thanks Nicky. And you are very right, I am just making sure that my immediate spaces are as free and clear as I can manage.


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