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Things have been pretty quiet from me as I spent most of what was a national holiday at work watching planes.Unlike almost fifteen thousand other people who braved what is now Tropical Storm Emily to dance, drink and do de dog, I was working or at home sleeping.

I was also however, knitting which is my idea of Carnival - providing it goes well. I have been in a knitting funk lately and devised a plan to get me out of it.

My solution was to make simple neck pieces and try to finish the not so simple ones. I also took around my surrounding to appreciate what I have been ignoring while in my funk and discovered that their is still two thriving peppermint plants in my pots though I have been ignoring them. The rain of the last few weeks have helped them even as it hampered me. You have be thankful for everything.

With out further rambling here are my projects:

First we have the Raspberry and Cream Skinny Scarf. Made from 100% cotton it's great for adding a zing to your wardrobe in the hot summer weather.

Wrapped several times around.
Wrapped it to cover my ears here.

 Next in line we have the Bamboo Bodangle. It is made from a cotton-Bamboo mix that is super soft when worked up and also for cool weather. It is the perfect neck piece to jazz up that little black dress or add color to a cream jumper. It still needs to be fitted with a closing mechanism but truthfully a shawl pin would work fine.

Very bright and uplifting.

A close up
Following that we have the Braided Necklace. Made from a simple cotton-acrylic, it showcases very subdued colors and a rugged texture. It would be perfect for turning a plain T-shirt or outfit into something memorable. Best of all it is light weight when worn and won't keep you hot. It also needs to be finished and my friend Dana is helping me formulate a macrame still join.
Here it is worn.

 That's all for now folks. I'd love to have new pieces to show in my FO Friday since these are almost finished WIP it wouldn't make since to fill up an FO with them. I have been lazy about posting but at least I managed to make it today.

And here is my final words for the morning:

Stop, Stare, Breathe.

For more WIPs, go to Tami she'll hook you up! Here's where you go! Have a great day.


  1. All your projects look gorgeous, love the necklace particularly :)

  2. The Bodangle and the braided necklace are particularly stunning. The colours of your braids are very effective together!

  3. I like the braided necklace. ALso, that color sky is breath taking.

  4. All you projects look great! I always admire those who knit!

  5. Everything is great! I love your skinny scarf. It looks so nice on you.

  6. I love all the colors!! But the Bodangle is my favorite as far as texture goes...it looks so very soft.

    Hey, what are you going to do with all that peppermint? I have a peppermint plant that is going nuts...regular mint I use in drinks, salads or for pesto, but I'm not sure what to do with the stronger peppermint.

  7. Thanks guys!

    @Heather I'm thinking of seeing if I can get a pigment out of it for dyeing. I don't know but worth a try!

  8. I love all of these! The colours and texture of the bamboo scarf are really beautiful, and so summer-perfect. The raspberry and cream looks amazing on you, you should wear it all the time. And the braided necklace is so beachy-amazing, I love it. You're definitely right that it could be the piece to make an outfit.

  9. nice stuff! i have got to learn to knit before the year is up! :) keep up the good work.

  10. Wow, I just love the braided necklace. Really clever idea!

  11. So I have been sleuthing, and I think you're in Barbados. That's surely a challenge for a knitter :-)

  12. I think my favorite of your neck pieces is the Bamboo Bodangle. Simply elegant!

  13. I love the bamboo bodangle ... very interesting!

  14. the colours in the braid necklace are lovely. they go really well together :)

  15. @Vivianne You are right, forces me to make summer garments all year round, or ship my items to friends in USA and Canada.

    Also there is a severe lack of quality fibers and needles so I have to bring everything in from overseas which can be costly.

    However I am not daunted, I love knitting enough to take all the hardships and figure a way to knit happy

  16. Love that braided necklace!

    I have some cotton/bamboo that I can't wait to try out.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  17. Fab projects and the colour of the scarf is just stunning. I am looking for some yarn for my next project and am now going to look at the bamboo cotton blends now!


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