Looking in the Looking Glass

Today is FO Friday or just Friday to most of us.

On this glorious day in Barbados,  I have accomplished a lot of things. Most of which I don't think about because they are so small.

I have decided to focus on those things along with a few knitting triumphs as a way to remind myself how lucky I am and how far I've come from being a baby only able to cry. Perhaps you should stop to do the same.

Today I:

I opened bottle of Sprite today - all by myself!

I cleaned my glasses.

I cleared a few planes to land.

I walked down and stairs and then back up the stairs again.

I knit four to five rows of Garter Stitch on my size 5 knitting needles.

I asked a guy on a date for the first time. And he said yes.

I stretched out my Carnival Cotton hat so it fit better and the eyelets were more defined.

I used chopsticks to eat Chicken Noodles.

I opened a door to a van and sat down.

I laughed.

I sighed.

I told a very lame joke.

I got a hug from my best friend.

I wrote a list of things I am going to buy for myself with my own money.

I came home to warmth, shelter and food... and my computer!

I sang out of tune with one of favourite songs while I danced wildly.

Looked at my messy room and stuck my tongue out at it.

Read a comment on my blog that was very interesting!

There this is my Fo Friday. Maybe not what was expected, but what I needed! Good night.. hope this date works out!


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