FO Friday

I sew in the ends of my cowl and hat from Winter Fat today you can see the pictures here. I wanted to get the Carnival Hat up as well but that was not to be. After I added in some eyelets the stitches kept falling off of the needles which was really frustrating.

I don't have point protectors and so I was very close to pulling my hair out. Finally when I got them back on I realized that my marker had fallen off...Uh oh!

So, I tossed the whole thing one-side feeling utterly disappointed and went to bed. This morning at work, I restarted and managed to make a good headway. Hopefully I have it done by Monday.

The Estonia wool one looks scratchy but it feels so soft I am thinking of felting it. Knitting is filling my time even with sadness, leading me onward. I can't wait to knit!


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