30 Days of November, Day 6: Of Knitting

Hello! I hope that you all had a restful weekend and that you are ready for the week. I am not feeling so well today, and so I am trying to keep in good spirits and take care of myself as best I can. Since I decided to put off doing chores, I was able to go diving in my stash for yarn and needles to give knitting a try.

I chose this Lazy Perry Ranch yarn named Pretty from Epicurus. It is worsted-weight, super-wash wool, and the skein was about 85g. I used two chairs and my trusty ball-winder to wind the skein into two balls.


I choose a 16", 10.5 circular needle, which is a bit larger than is recommended but I am trying to go easy on my hands.

A quick search of Ravelry for a pattern yielded, this one called Potato Chip Scarf, which I thought was a wonderful name, especially since I am so fond of chips myself. Following this logic, I called my project Vinegar, because that is my favorite flavor, and cast on.

It is a short row project, which always a fiddly for me to figure out, so I didn't get very far because I was tinking, then frogging it and casting back on. Thankfully it was only 20 stitches to cast on and so I was able to get going again quickly.

As is typical with short rows, when I finished one pattern iteration it didn't look like anything much, see exhibit A but after a second it looked a bit better, see exhibit B. Here is hoping that as I go along, it starts to look as it should.
Exhibit B

Exhibit A

My hand did ache a bit, but not over much. I will continue on, and monitor this to ensure I am not doing damage. I think it might be best if I don't knit for more than a few minutes as a time, and also exercise my hand in between sessions.


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