30 Days of November, Day 17: Of Gift-buying

I am immersed now in Holiday shopping for all of the little people in my life. In total I have 9 gifts to buy and a budget that was only geared towards buying 3 gifts. Oops. It has been a fine task to search the internet, from Amazon to Ebay looking for suitable toys.

There is no shortage of choice but when I try to look for something inside my limited budget which still seems to be durable, fun and educational I end up perfectly frustrated with the amount of toys that fall outside of that range.

When I further constrain myself by looking for toys that aren't too heavy, to avoid shipping charges, I end up scrolling through dozens of options before I finally settled on one toy.

I this point I have three more toys to go and I am already ready for this to be over. I have received two in hand from my shipping company and I wrapped them up today. I really detest wrapping, but I had some help and I got through it.

From my expertise in searching and finding one toy in every thirty-six to be suitable I have come up with a few guidelines for myself that I hope I remember next year.

  • Check carefully for the suggested ages, the listing and the product packaging may differ
  • Don't buy anything that doesn't have a comparison size picture so you can see a child playing with it. Even though you think you understand dimensions and can gauge the size you can't
  • If you have a weight limit, don't buy anything that is too close, it will inevitably arrive in a ginormous box and cost you extra.
  • Wooden toys are great, except that they may weigh a ton.
  • Always buy more wrapping paper than you think you'll need
  • Do ask parents for guidelines, really helps to narrow things down!
  • Always budget a little extra!

Wondering what I got so far? Here's a few of my favorite ones.

Wooden Giraffe Pull Toy

Wooden Peek-A-Boo Panda

Garbage Truck Book
Wooden 24-piece Puzzle

Well, that's all for now. Good luck with your Holiday shopping! May the force be with you!
I am hoping that when my list is done and all the gifts are wrapped and tagged that I will feel more cheerful!


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