30 Days of November, Day 12: Of Crafted Things

Yarn! So tempting! 

Time for an update on how all of my crafting endeavors are going! I have begun knitting again, and it is lovely really. There is something about it that is terribly soothing and I missed it terribly.

The Vinegar scarf is toddling along, centimeter by centimeter. I give the pattern an A+ simply because I can memorize it easily and don't need to keep referring back to it. The yarn is soft and lovely to work with as well, and my trusty bamboo circular needle is performing up to standard.

As you can see it is starting to curl already!

My weaving has also been coming along well. Beans, is now in the later half of the mirrored pattern and I am hoping that my calculations work out for the better. Over the last week I did a Summer Green section, the Brown section and the Multi section that marks the middle of the scarf. Check out the progress picture below.

I am already looking ahead to my next project which I think is going to be another mini-skien scarf. I am on the hunt for a warp and have found a few potential ones. I am mostly concerned as to the strength of the yarn and the neutral colour so that the mini-skeins shine through in their multicolored glory! Look out for updates on that soon.

That's all for now, have a blessed Sunday.


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