Hello 2016

As I wave goodbye to 2015, I open my arms wide to receive 2016 and all that it has to offer. My health hasn't been the best in the last quarter of 2015 but I still have much to be grateful for in the form in supportive friends and family.

My wishes for 2016 is to simply pick up where I left of in 2015 and bring some important projects to and ending. I also want to settle into myself as a woman, taking full responsibility for my failures, triumphs and goals.

To live a life full of love, generosity and grace; to leave behind a smile and a warm feeling wherever I go.


  1. Welcome back to your blog! You've been missed, and I wish you a great New Year!we now have winter and you're in my mind whenever I wear the cowl you made me.

    1. I have missed you as well. And I am so happy you are enjoying your cowl! :)


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