New Year Thoughts

Life has been zooming by in a whirl of activity, mostly lots of knitting and writing.

I was immersed in making knitted items for my God-daughter and her mother with a deadline of  Jan 6th. It was all going well until I had a hat-hick up. I used a worsted weight pattern with aran yarn and as you can imagine the resulting project on blocking ballooned to a size that could only fit on the head of an elephant.

I was discouraged and upset with myself, and perhaps the wider universe but I sucked it up, cast on with a proper pattern and slogged through it. I am happy to report it is dry and ready for delivery. Big sigh of relief.

My writing has also been going very well. My romance novel is winding down in terms of the progress of the plot line but the editing is now ramping up. I am being a big girl about it and soliciting feedback and also being brave enough to consider cutting out scenes, rewriting and really tossing my work into the ringer to make it the best it can be.

I am in the thick of this journey to complete my book, my intention is to have completed by the end of the year. I am beginning to see how with due diligence, it could be completed before then, and that is a good if scary feeling.

My blog continues to be a source of inspiration and joy for me. I feel very blessed to have it as an outlet for my creative ideas and as a way to reach out and bring value to other people's lives. Making it a priority for the upcoming year is integral to maintaining my current level of life satisfaction.

Between knitting and writing this week, I haven't managed to colour but I will remedy that tomorrow. It is a light day, with only a few errands to run, an with no blog post to write, I will use my free time with my Sharpies.

My theme for 2015 is Healing. I have already started to work on forgiveness and I am learning it is a path and not a single event. I am giving myself the needed space to work though my old burdens and fully heal from my old wounds.

That is all that is going on in my noggin for right now. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a belated Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you lady! May your 2015 cup be filled with more growth and blessings than regrets.


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