WIP Wednesday: Terror Toes

I've moved on this week to knitting for another friend who is destined to head into the cold north and is toting my godchild along with her. This occasion demands woollen knits and so after identifying yarn that had languished too long in my stash, I hunted down some patterns and got to work.

On the list are a hat and socks for the babe and a hat for the Mum. Here is the beginning of the Mum's Hat and a mostly finished sock for the babe.

 The sock project is named a Terror Toes because the babe has discovered how to remove her pamper and is delighting in going wherever she pleases.

I am afraid I may run out of the tan yarn for the Mum's hat and so my plan is to use white in the middle. Now I just need to locate the yarn...

That is all for now. Check back with you on Friday, I have goodies to show. :)


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