WIP: Demon's Brim 90%

Hello once more, we come together on this auspicious Wednesday, aptly named and set aside for the showing off of how much procrastination we did or did not get up to in the last week.

I am happy to be able to show that my hat has grown quite a bit and indeed I am on the decrease rounds, which will zip along very quickly once you are into the thick of it. Maybe this will feature in an FO Friday soon. We'll see.

I also started up a swatch to *gasp* check the gauge of a sweater I want to make. I am sure that somewhere out there a leprechaun's pot of gold just turned to marbles. I usually avoid doing gauge swatches but I really want this sweater to fit. Fingers crossed that I hit the gauge exactly and don't have to do up another one with different needles.

Well that is all for now, I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Fun hat! And gauge swatches might be annoying but they are sooooo necessary for sweaters.

  2. Cute hat. And I agree with Alicia on the swatch, too bad I never make them. LOL. One of these days I might. It's burned me too often in the past that I really should.

  3. Yeah for the hat...and I guess yeah for the swatching..which I tend to avoid too...but would be a necessity for a sweater...

  4. So nice to see your knitting again!


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