To Market, To Market and Doodle WIP

Greetings again. I hope that the week has been treating you all well. :) I have been having  a pretty spendy week but happily everything was budgeted for and so I have no buyer's remorse. I will share some of my purchases here as well, and my current work in progress doodle.

These shoes are for work. I seem to have lost some size in my feet and both pairs of my work shoes are literally dropping off my feet. It is a bit embarrassing and dangerous as well, since walking in them is not too stable. I chose clog with the back out to hopefully ward off stinky feet.

These ramekins are destined to hold my veggies during prep work and condiments when I have a meal that includes a lot of them. Most recipes to use them are not gluten and dairy free so I am still not sure if they will ever actually be used to cook in. However this is not too much of a stress as te handle of the over door broke off this week.. so I don't suppose I will be doing any baking for quite a while...

Next up we have this delightful journal. I have fallen in love with the colour orange over the years and I hope this cheerful journal will inspire me to write happy, grateful entries inside of its pages. We shall see...

And here now is the next doodle I am working. I am unsure what to do with the white space in the bottom right corner. I am oscillating between showing the top of a house to simply more foliage. Hmm.. I just don't know yet. I suppose we shall see.

I went to the supermarket as well and stocked up on red lentils, fresh veggies such as celery, white cabbage and cucumbers. The meal plan for the week includes Chunky Lentil Soup and Mexican Red Lentil Stew. As you can tell, I eat a fair bit of lentils both brown and red. My diet is getting more vegan with the passing weeks but I still sink my teeth in fried chicken if it passes my way.
Further to the list of my non-veg discretions, I can add canned smoked herring. I am getting quite fond of sautéing it lightly with bell peppers and putting it next to my vegetable dishes.
 Making sure not to trigger my allergies and cause my sinuses to go haywire is still my number one  priority so I am doing my best to keep my taste-buds interested. Balance is key, and as you all know, their isn't balance without ice-cream.

To that end I bought some Nut Thins which promise to be a gluten free snack. They taste great but admittedly I forgot to check if they had in dairy. Sadly, they do so the hunt is still one for a tasty, on plan convenience snack.

Well that is all for now., save to say that my cats keep knocking down my plants and I may have to get unlazy and find a solution for that.  I suppose selling the cats isn't really an option, since I am quite sure no one would want them. Cheers!


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