Saturday Shopping and a bit of Pruning.

I went to work this morning, quitting my bed at minutes to five and eventually finding my way to the airport at 7am. I got to rest for an hour, then worked until the end of the shift.
It was mostly a very quiet morning, but I got to practice breathing and having some confidence in myself, so that was great.

After work, I stopped off at the supermarket, primarily I was looking for Kale and or Broccoli. I only got the latter but managed to pick up some Hummus for snacks and some Soya Sauce for a stir-fry.
Later today I will try to plan my meals for the rest of the week, and for the month really. I want to eat as many veggies as possible and thankfully the vegetable drawer is full.

I spent some time last night drawing up a Calender for November and filling it out with my work schedule.

Doing this made me inordinately happy and I am beginning to realise that any time I get to use my Sharpies is a time when I am in a very pleasant mental zone.
 I ordered another pack to fill in the colours that I am missing and I am looking forward to adding a few more to it over time.
I had to trim back my plant because it was leaning. Here is the before or after pictures. I think it looks a lot happier now and no worse for the wear.

I got a commission request from a friend that lit the fire under me to look into making a small side business from knitted accessories. I have decided to put in the preliminary brainstorming and research and see where it leads me.

I am doing as well as I can manage and I find myself smiling for no reason during the day. I hope that you all enjoy your weekend and to help, here is a bit of sunshine and sea.


  1. Oh, exotic! palm trees!!!! this is so exciting. And a lovely post. I like how you observe your own reactions and make allowance for them and enjoy what you enjoy.

  2. The side business sounds exciting. I know you can do it!


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