Doodling and Cooking makes me happy

I jumped right in and started a doodle. I had lots of fun, and I have adjusted my approach to yield better results next time. I found it very relaxing as well and that was a blessing.

I have also been writing and cooking a lot. Look out for some more posts on the latter soon. This vacation has reminded me that I love to cook and having my meals preplanned really helps me to get in the kitchen and get going.

I hope to one day be cooking with some vegetables from my own garden. With that in mind, I am definitely planning to be ready to action that with some container gardening when the growing season starts.

Without any-more prattle here is my first doodle, lopsided though it is:

This is done with Sharpie Markers on recycled cardboard from a Puffs Tissue box.

Hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Mine has started out quite rainy and while I am sure the plants are happy, I was quite pleased to see the sun this morning.

Until then.


  1. Just lovely!!!! Drawing has never been my strong suit and I'm always in awe of people like you who do it so well. I can't wait to see more of your doodles.


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