Achievements and Highlights 2014 (So Far)

  1. Passed On the Job Training in Radar
  2. Got Recertified in Tower 
  3. Got my Air Traffic Control License Grade II
  4. Celebrated 5 years in ATC
  5. Taught myself to swim
  6. Learned to snorkel
  7. Saw a ship wreck
  8. Paid off a 4K debt without wrecking my budget
  9. Saw turtles
  10. Went on my first hike through a gully
  11. Went into a cave and waded through ice-cold, waist high water
  12. Learned to surf
  13. Went on my first catamaran cruise
  14. Successfully upgraded the quality of my diet
  15. Tackled medical to do list 
  16. Hired a life coach and improved my life 100 fold
  17. Started offering free financial counselling and have worked with 4 people (LOVE it!)
  18. Launched my business' Facebook page
  19. Wrote several articles on Personal Finance for my blog
  20. Went to first Yoga Class
  21. Went to a workshop and made lots of new friends
  22. Decluttered 100's of items 
  23. Created a workspace for myself
  24. Went on a Solo Staycation and enjoyed the hell out of it
  25. Lost 15lbs and dropped a dress size. 
  26. Learned to Meditate


  1. Asha, this is a wonderful list! you accomplished more in this period than many people in 10 years or more. And it wasn't easy stuff, either. Good on you!

    1. Thank you! It has been an awesome year of transformation for me.


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