The Power of a Change of Scene

Just like how in a movie a move from one scene to another with a different musical score and general mood can shift your level of apprehension or emotion; quitting your normal environment for another can uplift your mood.

I am learning to fight off bad moods as if my life depending on it because each and every-day I realise more and more that it does. There is so much that you miss out on when you are too much trapped in your own mind.

The other day I was in a horrible mood, brought on I believe by too much overtime at work and a lack of progress on other projects that I feel should have been completed.

My net-book began to malfunction later in that day and my mood teetered downward still. I threw myself into a frenzy of trying to fix what was a suddenly perceived problem of not having a device that was small enough to travel with.

Giving that I often used my net-book to keep my awake on my night-shifts and I had planned to take it with me on travels, there was some validity to my worries. I realised in time to stop myself from pushing the 'Buy' button on a shiny 8" tablet that I was in no mood to be making any decisions. Far less ones that involved spending a couple hundred dollars.

Instead I took a walk to the beach. I confess having taken for granted the ability to find the sea within less than five minutes of walking. It shows the profound darkness that I have been walking around in for the last decade that I could take such a source of joy for granted.

I remember even coming to believe that I hated the beach. Imagine that?

Now I find a sense of escape and freedom in the sandy shores I professed to hate. I have been back two times since then, to different beaches, and the experience has been uplifting.

This is only the beginning of my adventures:


  1. Beautiful example of something I heard recently:

    "the determination to live life without fear is more purposeful than passive acceptance".

    Kudos to you for not giving in to a negative situation but aggressively determining that it was not going to ruin your day.

    1. That is such a wonderful quote. Thanks for sharing it and thank you for the support. :)


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