Gratitude Day 005


I’m feeling: thankful and a bit conflicted. My mood is trending down but I am not letting it win without a fight.

I’m listening to: blessed silence

I’m thinking: that being in a down mood is tiring, that a little rest can go a long way and you don't have to wait until tomorrow for a do-over, you can just start over immediately where-ever you are.

I’m reading: The Law of Attraction

I’m looking forward to: sweet potato chili, the beach

I’m learning: that change happens in fits and starts. It takes sheer determination and will power at times to push forward with simple things. Sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself.

I’m enjoying: a glut of fresh mangoes, getting closer to myself and analysing my behaviour.

I’m creating: a new way of being for myself. I am entitled to an awesome life and I am putting in the mental work to make it so. 

I’m grateful for: Neil, Dana, John, Purch, Princess, Dwayne, who have all touched my life this week with kindness and blessings.

Around the house are: several things that need my attention but in this coming week, I think I need my own attention more. 

In my kitchen: a few tomatoes to be de-skinned, diced sweet potatoes and kidney beans waiting for the pot

I’m planning later in the coming week to: continue using, use up all of the things in my pantry, monitor my thoughts and my actions, practice yoga, pilates, meditation and journaling daily and go to the beach at least 4 times. 

My quote/verse for the upcoming week is: Happiness comes from within.

I’m wishing you: contentment, good food and wonderful moods and the energy to keep trying if things don't quite go your way.


  1. Glad that you're letting your inner warrior out. Keep pushing forward; keep fighting for you. <3


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