Gratitude Day: 004


I’m feeling: thoughtful, sleepy and happy

I’m listening to: The sizzle of onions on the stove.

I’m thinking: that my body is a temple and I need to treat it like one.

I’m reading: The Biography of a Yogi

I’m looking forward to: more days at the beach, having a tasty brunch

I’m learning: that life is about constant change, remaining the same isn't a mark of maturity. Some good qualities we keep others need to go.

I’m enjoying: fresh breeze and learning more and more about me.

I’m creating: the life that I deserve and desire

I’m grateful for: Dana. she helps me by cooking, house-keeping and shopping. It allows me to work overtime, early shifts and late shifts and not have to worry about what I will wear or eat. I love you girl.

Around the house are: a few things left undone, cats, laundry and possibilities

In my kitchen: pan-fried tuna, stir-fried vegetable and baked potatoes

I’m planning later in the coming week to: go to the beach, restock my pantry, experiment in the kitchen, go on an adventure

My quote/verse for the upcoming week is: I have the power to manifest the changes I want to see in my world.

I’m wishing you: blessings, peace and serenity 


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