Cole's Cave

As you all know I have been conquering my fear of swimming and finding myself at the beach as often as possible. I faced another fear this weekend, the fear of being inside of a cave.

I took part in a hike through Jack in the Box Gully and down into Cole's Cave. It was a life-changing experience. I'm still sore today but it was worth it. I'll let the pictures help me do the talking.

The wall of the Gully.
 Gully are sometimes collapsed caves, this one was once under water.

The Gully

The Entrance of the Cave

Stalactites in the cave

This got a bit wet at one point it was up to my thighs!

Daylight! Seeing it again felt like a blessing.
This will definitely be only the first of many hikes.


  1. What a heroine you are! two of my fears, too, deep water and caves. And encountering water inside a cave, wow. Good for you for facing it down,great stuff. And great pix, too, a lot of metaphors in there, too.


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