The Longest Day of 2014

It seems like it was just January and I was embarking on the final stage of my training. Now it is almost July and the year is entering into its later stages. Indeed, today is the Summer Solstice and change is in the air.

I had dubbed 2014 as my year to get ahead financially; instead it became the year that I took a step back.

First I decided to re-pay a debt in lump sum that I had been planning to repay in increments. I took this decision because I wanted the milestone from around my neck. I wanted to be free of that particular situation and I do not regret my decision.

Then it was the year of the great Medical Expenses, as I wrote myself a to-do list and have been knocking things off of it one by one. I am at the stage where there are still some more things to go and I am feeling the fatigue of spending such high volumes.

I do believe that Health is important but I am not 100% happy with the service I received. My plan to change some of my health care providers so I feel more confident about where my dollars are going.

I have taken better care of myself this year than ever before. I have been exercising, eating healthy and trying to take care of my spirit. I haven't given up even when I don't always stick to my plan and this I think is more important than anything. I am learning that it is good to look past the day to day and reconnect with myself. I am learning the positive benefits of affirmations, yoga and solitude.

My decluttering is going very well. I am in the final stages where things need to be donated and rehomed. After this I will tackle my yarn next. The thought is daunting but I know little by little I will pare my stash down to something manageable.

I had to cut back my peppermint because of an attack of white flies. It is regrowing but it is still a struggle. While I was sad to do that, I am taking it as a metaphor for the entire year. Though I may be taking a step back, I will regrow stronger and sturdier.


  1. Great philosopy there, and great execution, too. Happy Solstice.

  2. I love where you are and that you're showing how you got there. Very encouraging, very inspiring.

  3. As a preventative for whitefly/greenfly/blackfly, make up a solution of dishwashing liquid and water, and spray the plants :) The thing is with mint - it's very hard to kill, a good attribute for you too ;-)


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