Gratitude Day: 002


I’m feeling: tired but optimistic

I’m listening to: the wind blowing pass my 'new' room

I’m thinking: that rediscovering things is a true joy. Treasure sometimes lies right under our noses.

I’m reading: journals, blogs and books to inspire and grow self.

I’m looking forward to: mail, June, new experiences, new friends and powerful change

I’m learning: to trust in my instincts, move forward with optimism and to love myself

I’m enjoying: good food cooked by my hand, new experiences even when they don't work out so well, laughter, music, candle light and love

I’m creating: a new reality in an old space

I’m grateful for: the chance to start again afresh every morning

Around the house are: little projects left to do and little corners that make me feel happy just by gazing on them. I am seeing progress!

In my kitchen: Mexican style beans, the beginning of a stir fry and pappadoms

I’m planning later in the coming week to: continue learning love, go to yoga, embrace change and finish up some projects.

My quote/verse for the upcoming week is: Bird by bird

I’m wishing you: peace, love and good food!


  1. I find embracing change difficult - I wish you luck x


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