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I have had a failure or two and some triumphs on my gardening journey but I find with each passing experience I get more and more interested in continuing.

I started a simple carrot greens 'garden' and I have harvested some of the greens already and I find that I enjoy the flavor in a salad. It is an excellent way to get the most out of a vegetable.

I had also taken to sprouting lentil beans and I find that they are a delightful crunchy additive to my stir-fry. I ate up the first set with absolutely no thought of taking a photo so below another set in the soaking stage.

I'll try to take a snap of them when they are done before they disappear into my tummy. No promises though. I plan to try to sprout other beans as well and have them as a regular part of my diet. I have so far stopped using dairy and wheat flour and my Mother seems convinced that I am 'too young' to have such a restrictive diet.

I prefer to look at another way. I have health problem that I have been struggling with and I have said enough is enough. My body is my refuge and I want to take better care of it. That is not to say that I wont sneak the occasional snack in there or an indulgence but one the other and it was be negligent to continue the same way I have been all of my life and expect things to change.

I can actually fit in a dress I bought when I was seventeen or so now so I am feeling pretty good about what I am doing for myself these days. I feel great. And I will only strive to be even more in tune with my body and its unique needs.

I also felt pretty happy with myself because I repotted my peppermint without incident into a bigger pot. I think it will be much happier in there now.

And as you can see my little pant is not so little anymore! I am so chuffed! Here is a close up of the spring onions growing in the pot beside it. I am worried about them and hoping that a few make it to a good enough size to be replanted into different pots.

I'll keep you all posted on how that goes.

All in all I am a happy gardener and pleased as punch that I was inspired to give this a try.


  1. Giving up dairy and wheat is such a HUGE adjustment, do you miss them ?

    1. Yes, of course! :) Especially since that was 50% of my diet before as I practically lived off of pasta and sandwiches in my early twenties.

      I miss them most when my family or friends are having a big slice of pizza or a wonderful chicken breast sandwich. But I just remind myself of what they do to my body and I am usually okay after that.

  2. I love the gardening updates! As for the lifestyle changes, I can attest to it really being hard, but I agree with your response to Vivianne -- when you think about how you feel after you've eaten those "tasty but not so good to me" things -- it's not worth it. That's coming from a woman who still cheats from time to time. :D


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