Plant Glory

My plants are really thriving and I am happy about that. I am still worried about the ability of the leek to survive and I have potted some spring onions with the hope that they will come up. My peppermint plant is hale and hearty and growing like a weed.

I am officially on two weeks sick leave to allow the steroids/anti-histamines prescribed from my severe sinus problems to build up in my system before heading back into my work place which is a building filled with mold and spores.

I have decided to take this two weeks to spring-clean my environment and bring about a change that will be positive for my health, my mental clutter and my everyday life.

I also took a food allergy test and I am awaiting the result of that as the ENT(Ear,Nose,Throat Specialist) also said that he saw some evidence of allergy in his exam.

I am hoping that this treatment regime gives me some relief and that going forward I can manage my sinus-problems more efficiently. I also hope that I am one of the lucky ones for whom a food and allergy test is accurate and that I can tailor my diet to best fit my body's needs.

I felt really depressed yesterday when the doctor said that as long as I keep working in that building I won't get better but I am going to try to look ahead today with more optimism. Take it day by day while I am on my sick leave(I could as well enjoy it since it will eat into vacation days) and not get too bogged down with the far future.

Just like my peppermint plant, I'm growing day by day. <3>


  1. So sorry you've been sick Ash. Can you transfer buildings at work? That's really not healthy and you're also at risk for asthma with spores and the like being present. Hope you can get a resolution to that soon.

    Aww man. Your plants are looking lovely!!!!! One of the tips I got from the gardening class I went to in the winter was to try to recreate the environment for the plants not indigenous to our area. Look up leeks and see the conditions they typically grow in then try to mimic that. Can't wait to see them grow more.

    1. Thanks hon. I know but there isn't another building to work in at the moment. I am going to be pushing for more action on it though.

      I will do as you say and see what I can do for my leek. I tried potting some other things but I haven't seen any action there but I am going to keep at it. :) Thanks for stopping by.


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