Gardening Joy

I come to you filled with joy and eager to share it. As you know my first mint plant didn't survive but my second one is doing well. I am finding a lot of pleasure in watching my plant grow and it is giving me confidence to try other things.

Here she is. I'm so happy that it is growing.
Buying these wasn't planned but when I saw them, I knew it was the right thing to purchase.
No more soil under my nails. :)
Here is my little leek. Not sure it'll thrive but I'm giving it a shot.
I cut off the bottom of a leek I bought from the market and put it in water until it started to shoot up.
Then I potted it today. My fingers are crossed.
And then there were two. 


  1. uh-oh! now that you've started, you may end up with a collection! you can grow potatoes from a potato with eyes showing, particularly if they've started to sprout. Need a bigger container for them. And you can grow sweet potatoes with roots in water, as houseplants. I love feeling I got free plants from my grocery shopping.

    1. Good tip on the potatoes. I will give that one a try if I manage to get a half-drum or a larger pot. I may well indeed. I am really enjoying it. :)


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