Two Rows a Day

I have been dithering about getting back into knitting and I can't say for sure exactly what has been stopping me. Today I added a few more rows on my cowl and I feel better. It led me to make a pact with myself to knit at least two rows a day. No more is required but if that happens it would be great.

I hope that this small positive step will be the key to me recapturing some of the joy that knitting can make me feel.

Here is a sneak peak:

Not a great picture or very thoughtful posing.
In other news my exercise and eat healthy goals are going well. I have found out that I have lost 10 pounds since Jan 31st and I am not unhappy with that. My goal from here on out is to settle into a healthy diet that I can maintain and build stamina through regular exercise.

To be honest I don't get to do a full 30 minutes at any one time. I usually put in little sessions of two twenty rep. sets every day. This has been working for me. I am also adding in a 30 minute Cardio video I found on YouTube but I don't get very far into before I am too worn-out to continue. I am sure this will improve over time. 

Here it is in case you are curious:

I'm in a good place mentally. Not a perfect place but one where I am trying to improve myself and to kick myself in the rear when I focus too much on the negative and forget to be grateful. This is being shown out in my continued de-cluttering efforts. I am very slowly getting there. 

Here's hoping that all if well with you all in the blog-universe. Greeting and love from Barbados. 


  1. I love your program of self enrichment. And your knitting, too! I treasure the beautiful woven scarf you gave me a while back. It's soft and friendly to wear. I love it.

    You are very talented!

  2. No one will ever be in a perfect place so it's okay to be in your best place. You're taking steps to enrich your life. I see nothing but good coming from it including recapturing your love of knitting. Eventually, that creative genius will be ready to do more.


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