The advice given

Reading motivational items tends to be very enlightening and can be empowering but the effect is fleeting. The reason for this is that reading and nodding one's head in agreement is not enough to have any change in your life.

Manifesting change takes time. That means you have to consume the things you want to become on a regular basis and slowly implement them into your life with a dogmatic, unfailing persistence.

Failure will happen. Things won't go your way. Hiding from reality doesn't help anything but at the same time it is okay to give yourself a break.

Advice given doesn't need to be followed by rote, you need to evaluate it with an open mind and feel out what works best for you at this time and go back to it at a later date to see if it makes anymore sense.

Being human is a state where your mind makes everyday living more complicated that it needs to be. Where enjoyment and gratitude are uphill battles and interaction with others in a trial.

For my own self the future is murky at best and the path that others suggest for me bring me no motivation, only a feeling of being bogged down under expectation and the wide brush of conformity.

I am practicing being grateful for the life that I have and how far I have come in being able to better support myself. No, life isn't perfect but it's a frig of a lot better and I wouldn't trade this state for any other place I have been in life.

Life can be very depressing it one lets it. There is a lot of small things that can bring you down not to mention the bigger things that push back against you. It's okay to be sad, and unhappy and it is all right to disagree with someone you care about. It is not alright to let all of these things consume you as if they are the beginning and the end of your existence.

If I had to give myself one rule to live by after taking in all the advice that I have read over the past few weeks it would be:


Enjoy a simple life.

That's it. Every other thought or extrapolation of good intention can easily flow from there. 


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