Hills and Vales

I have been ill for most of this week and a lot of my plans have fallen aside. I am back in action now however and trying to spend today refreshing my mind an picking back up the habits that fell by the way side.

There is much to be said for the positive boost of a new day. It does bring with it a sense of starting over anew. While most of yesterday was wasted away sleeping, I can use this day differently. It is a free do-over.

I will cast on for a new project today using the yarn below. A carrying-bag for my yoga mat. I am unsure if I have enough of this yarn to finish it but I have other colors of the same weight and brand so I can choose to stripe it.

If I make that decision I will take a picture and show it here.

100% cotton worsted weight

I am feeling almost desperate to de-clutter. The mess is making me feel depressed and uninspired. Realistically though I can't just wiggle my now like Samantha and get it all magically whisked away so I will give myself a year from this date to get my small spaces in order.

My first major project will be organizing my yarn. I have hit on an idea to make my pull out chest of drawers that don't function properly into shelves instead. Once I get rid of the first set of stuff, I'll look into that more aggressively.

I have really mixed feelings about everything but I know that living simple is what I want. Mistakes of the past are like an albatross around my neck but I will move forward. One fresh new day at a time, I will get there.


  1. Sorry you've been sick, Ash. Not fun. But sleeping is not time wasted -- it's recharging your body for future adventures. And yes, clutter does get a person down. But I think you're realistic in not expecting it all to be fixed in a minute. A bit at a time, yes.

    Are you knitting or weaving the carrying bag? I treasure the scarf you wove for me! in fact I'm getting it out to wear today.

    1. You know I have never considered weaving the bag, that may be something to look into. I was planning to knit it but the pattern I was planning to use really sin't working for me, so back to the drawing board it is.

      Warms my heart to know that you really enjoy the scarf I made for you. I in turn love the journal you gave me, whenever I use it or even just see it by my bedside, it makes me feel loved.


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