"My dreams swirl in and out of my head, hurried on by lazy memories and buoyed by wishful thinking. While I feel like I am on the outside looking in at life treasures, inside I am becoming more than I could ever imagine. 

Though I still can't swim or drive a car, I am moving steadily forward; I don't exercise as much as they say I should but I feel stronger. 

The riches I stare at are nothing compares to what lies with in and always I am blessed with golden friendships and a talented mind."

That said, a small update.

I have once again climbed on to the crafting horse and I am sitting firmly in the saddle. I have several commissions to finish and as we are on the cusp on winter, presents to complete as well. I am excited and eager to open my own shop and most of my day-dreaming is on concepts and branding.

Meanwhile the doling out of funds to help my crafting will be focused on new needles and hooks, and a loom.

Here is the first of the gifts to be completed:

Phoenix Express

I have missed writing, and reading as well and I am almost all caught up. Here is to 2012, nearly over but with a whole lot left to be discovered!


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