Stitches and Stress

That is what my day has been filled with. I want nothing more than to complete all of the projects that are looming on my list with the ease of Samantha wiggling her nose but as we all know knitting just isn't that simple.

What is simple is the pattern I chose for the scarf I am making for a friend.

Lavone's Starry Night                    
 CO 32

sl 1 knit to end 
repeat row 3 more times


s1 k3 (p2k2p2)* repeat * 3 more times k4 
sl k3 (k2p2k2)* repeat * 3 more times k4

alternate rows to deserved length

sl 1 k to end four times.

Then bind off to finish.

It is done in sock weight yarn and we'll see how it looks when it is done. So far I am enjoying myself and some of the strain I have been placing on myself is lifting. I have been blessed with good friends and good fortune. Not only wealth and health, but clarity of mind and occasional moments of bliss. I have so much to be thankful for and there is a lot more good things coming my way.

I will continue to share it all here, and in my words and actions as the year draws to a close and the new one unfolds. I know it is a bit early but cheers to 2012!


  1. Cheers to you too lady and best to you in 2012!!!!


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