Fare Thee Well 2011 - Treat Me Well 2012

A year passes often without your notice, the passage of time can either be a revelation of things found or the anguish of things lost. People dear and some mere strangers pass through three hundred and sixty five days of our existence leaving behind a scar or sometimes a mere scratch on the deep pool of our memories.

Things learned are often greatly eclipsed by things not experienced and the little details forgotten and while the young think they have gained the old feel more is lost.

To look back and grade myself would be vanity. To look back and keep score would be petty. But to look forward without appreciating the past would be foolish. So I ask myself how do I do it all without making mess or wasting precious words.

My year in emotions, of hurt, anger and the freedom of moving on. The pleasure of friendship and the sting of friendship, have equally marked me with their touch. I do not need a symbolic moment to release it all; I should in fact never allow one pain to continue from one moment to another.

We as humans give time meaning, minutes, sunset, days, weeks, months, decades and so on. But it in itself is bottomless, it is without care for our feeble attempts to corral it. Yet, to not acknowledge that change is evidenced in time is childish.

I have my worries, my goals, my failures, strain, stress, happiness and joy to take with me into tomorrow, into next year, next week - into my eternity.

I won't make empty promises to myself, but I will make one filled of love towards anyone who reads this, or anyone who I thinking of as I write this.

In 2012, I will not take for granted the joy that I can bring to someone who allows me to touch their life. I will not, mistake money for true value and I will use what I have, no matter how little or how much to spread good cheer every moment that I can.

With my heart nearer to my fingertips than they have been for a few weeks. I thank you, and you and the unknown kindness that is still out there waiting for me to experience, for making my life in its brevity, happy even for a moment.

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012.


  1. This is beautiful! and remember how you've touched other people's lives this year, too, in some very good ways.

  2. Thank you Boud! It was a pleasure and privilege to add you to my treasures this past year! Happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year to you too!!!!


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