WIP: Travel Gloves, HITC

With my trip drawing ever closer and my craft taking a decided direction that I can vibe with, the knowledge that the temperature in New York is decided south of the one here in Barbados is a welcome excuse!

I started to knit these fingerless gloves for my travel companion and they are still very much in progress; not just in stitch count but in design! Here's to hoping I get settled and finish them soon.

And just a touch of sky, for my friends as always, a slice of Barbados!

Oh and find other treasures at Tami's

The Yarn: Tea-Dyed Alpaca-blend, Grant Creek Leaves


  1. Your sky shots are always gorgeous. I'm very proud of all you've accomplished with your endeavours.

  2. What gorgeous colours in the darker, more colourful yarn! And those blue skies have brightened my grey overcast afternoon!

  3. Your first shot of sky makes me want to fling my arms out wide and float up into the clouds. If your travel companion feels the same, those gloves will be a perfect accompaniment.

  4. Fingerless mitts are always good! I just get lost in your last picture- I can feel the warm breezes even now, and it makes me smile.


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