Unexpected SunShowers

I have been bestowed The Versatile Blogger award from two ladies who are both kind and inspirational: Inkydear of Urban Mouse to a Country House and Viviannelovely of Kismet's Companion.

I am touched and a bit flustered but I'd like to thank all my readers especially Spinster Beth and Nicky, who are always present to give advice and encouragement. Blogging - both the reading of and the writing of my own have filled my life near to bursting with inspiration, love, kindness, consideration and laughter.

Now to the legal bits:

The conditions are that I thank whomever I received the award from, and link back to them; I must share 7 things about myself; I must pass the award along to 15 blogs that are newly discovered by me. 

I'll start with the blogs that I recently discovered because just like my friend Inky, I like to stir things up a bit!

1) Peppermint Mocha Mama - An active blogger with wonderful photographs and pleasing writing.

2) Field and Fen - A witty, honest insight into the life of a wonderful lady. Lovely nature shots.

3){a 1/4 to} - A crafting blog, very enjoyable and informative.

4)Erika Made It - A sewing blog with a very charming host inviting us into her life with lovely photographs.

5)The Winnebago Diaries - Could be classed a commercial blog but it is really a glimpse into a couples' less than conventional but more than ordinary lifestyle. The writing is top notch.

6)Faithfully Geeky - A crafting blog, I really enjoy reading this blog, engaging and inspiring.

7)2 Girls. 2Cats. 1 Big Apple. - A crafting blog but so much more. A good experience every-time.

8) Cloudberry - Lovely photography and a very inspirational blog.

Now on to the things about me that I will share:

1) I am an air traffic controller. Its a great job but I have a wish to own a book store/yarn store one of these days.

2) I'm hopelessly addicted to variegated yarn. I have to fight myself to buy plain yarn. It is usually a losing battle.

3) I am in love with mushroom, hummus, black olives, french bread, soda water, Cesar salad and tasty natural food in general. I love to eat.

4) I want to devote myself to designing neck-wear. 

5) It has been just about a year since I started Knitting, I am proud of progress and eager to get a whole lot better!

6) I'm a writer and a dreamer with alternative interests. Trying to embrace myself without shocking others is not  always easy!

7) I want to simplify, purify and renew my life. It is my driving force even though I get side-tracked by dreaming.

8) I love photography and I want to explore it as a passion and not a hobby.

9) I love making lists, it helps me stay organized and focused and puts a timeline and perspective to my dreams. This is why 7 things about me can easily turn into 17 but I'll stop at 9 because it is a cute number.

There you have it! Once again I thank Vivi and Inky and all my readers. Let's continue to grow together in the sunlight!


  1. Beautiful post. It's great to have e-met you as well and I wish that all of your aspirations and dreams become reality.

    Tell you one thing about me you didn't know ... I'm a former native of one of the islands close by you ... St.Vincent, so we're practically cousins ... LOL!!!

  2. And another thing you may not know about me: my Dad's Trinidadian :-)

  3. This is one of the reasons I love you - you are my sister from another mother lol. We think alike and wear our hearts on our sleeves. And, coming from an airline-oriented family, I knew I could smell the jet fuel a mile away! One day we will visit and you will usher in our flight :)

  4. Love you all! You enrich my life! Hoping to learn a lot more about as time goes on!

    Thanks for always being right around an e-corner!


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