I've been thinking

I have been thinking about my life and then this morning it hit me:

This is the life I wanted , laid out before me on my desk. And what is missing? A coaster, a bookshelf and a panoramic view... maybe one of these days I'll get the last but I'll work on the other two.

It felt, exhilarating really, to realize that although I convince myself I need all these other things the gateway to my dreams lay out before me.

 I didn't do it all alone, but with the help of friends I've made it this far.

And that, plus a good few more of these will surely carry me the rest of the way. I am blessed to have many who join me on my journey. Thank you for being near me, even across the web, worlds away.


  1. I too long for a panoramic view ... I have a lot of potted plants and flowers in my front yard, which helps :-)

  2. You are right Beth! Plants just seem to open up a space and make it feel more expansive. Hopefully one of these days we'll both have a view to share with each other.

  3. /what a wonderful post! all about loving what you have and being happy with your life, with only a couple of little wishes attached. I loved this.


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